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Quick! Fly from Australia to LAX for US$320 one way! ($460AUD)

Quick – This is going to be short lived!

Fly Direct from Sydney or Melbourne, to Los Angeles on Virgin Australia for just $323.20

Plus you’ll earn a great chunk of miles!

Where to book?

This is bookable on Helloworld! Click HERE

See screenshots below.


virgin website

What dates are available?

Many Dates from september through November 20 are showing available.

syd lax post 1What’s the fare breakdown?

Take it from Matrix.

virign 323.20 one way matrix flightblitz

As always, these deals are short lived – It’s a great fare, and a great deal.

Click Here to Book NOW

Need to find a way back?

This is a great one way deal from Australia to the USA – very useful especially if you were thinking about doing a round the world flight or circle trip.
If you need this flight to get home – great. but if you’ll need to find a way back you can do so for pretty cheap on miles.

You can fly one way on miles to sydney or melbourne and fly back for just $320!
The best use of miles to australia, in my opinion is American Airlines AAdvantage miles – for just 37.5k each way
I find United has decent availability, and while generally i dread their flights to sydney on their antiquated planes – that is bound to change in the near future. They fly a 787 dreamliner to melbourne and that can be had for 40k UA miles each way.
Delta comes in 3rd place at 40k Miles if booked on a low saver Delta award, or 40K on Virgin Australia – if it’s available on virgin it’s always 40k not more.
One nice thing with booking on delta, and united, is the ability to upgrade to a more comfortable seat for a relatively small fee – 150-250 for the cross pacific leg.
You can waive this fee, or part of it by using your amex Platinum’s $200 annual airline credit which applies to baggage, and seating incidentals.

Of course there are many other ways and airline programs you can use to get to the land down under. Couple those together with a one way that costs as much as the fuel surcharges on an award from the USA to london on british airways – and your scoring a great deal. Of course the reverse is just as good – you can do one way to the USA and one way back later on miles.

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