The Newest Travel Hotspot Is #Serene & #Exotic – Our 2016 Top Pick

The newest Travel Hotspot is serene #Exotica

The Newest Travel Hotspot Is Serene & Exotic

With private Villa’s in Cancun being the Ultimate Lux touch it makes sense that they start at $1,000 a night. They come with Private pools and Terraces. A butler on call. A dedicated Chef who consistently makes sure to outperform and cater to your tastes.
It’s no wonder Cancun is a Travel Hotspot.

But a little further away is a real taste of ‘Eden’. A unique area of luxury accommodations, with unparalleled authentic Indonesian service.


Bali, has a few absolutely amazing Cities perfect for almost any type of vacation. Of course there are different reasons to go to each of the different Cities. To get to the best ones you’ll need to fly into Denpasar (DPS). With loads of Airlines flying to Bali your options are vast.

Bali is the new Travel Hotspot.

Our top pick within Bali is Seminyak. Seminyak is renowned for its deluxe private luxury villas. It’s a couple’s haven whether for honeymoons anniversaries or just some quality intimate time away. Seminyak is also the high end spa and boutique shopping capital of Bali*. Seminyak is the place to go if you would enjoy a recluse, with a more upscale feel. It feels exclusive and less busy – the Villa’s typically have an entire staff for 8-20 villa’s, and the luxurious private Villas have private pools, terraces, lounging areas, great shopping nearby, and much more attention to detail. The service is more authentically Bali – very accommodating – ready to do anything to ensure you enjoy your trip. Seminyak is stunning and a refreshing destination.

Nusa dua is known for it’s 5 star resorts – and is more children friendly – so lots of families bring their kids to Nusa dua. This makes Nusa Dua busier and more populated. The beaches are full of families, and younger children. Nusa dua is the place to go if you like 5 star hotels, and enjoy hotel amenities, in a more western style. Hotels will offer all inclusive offerings featuring 3 meals, internet and plenty of fun activities within the resort itself. If you’re taking kids on your trip, this should be your first choice.

There are many more options available – for adventurous people there are other cities. Bali is rich in history, culture and nature. Whatever your taste doing it in Bali over Cancun will ensure you get more – much more than you would in Cancun or simply spend less for the same thing.

To conclude.
Our top Travel Hotspot for 2016 is Bali. You’ll enjoy ultimate luxury, service nature, beaches and privacy. With great shopping, culture, history and top notch accommodations, the fact that a trip to Bali during peak season can be had for much less than Cancun secures it as our number 1 choice. The long flight to Bali will only increase the anticipation until you get there, and give you time to reflect on the great time you had on the way back.

At FlightBlitz, we’re planning a trip to Bali sometime – we think you should too.

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Bali Travel Hotspot is serene

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