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The Best Car Rental Companies in Israel – The Secret To A Better Rental Experience

Best Car Rental Companies in Israel

There are several options when picking up a Car Rental in Israel.
Unfortunately Israeli Car Rental companies are mostly franchises and don’t offer corporate style experience consistent worldwide.
Renting from an Israeli Rental Car company expecting the brands service to be on par with it’s global image is a big mistake.
Here’s the low down to help you choose the company that bests suits your needs for your trip.
FlightBlitz works with ALL Best Car Rental Companies in Israel.
With Flightblitz’s experience in mind, here’s our ranking of the Best Car Rental Companies in Israel starting with the best first and a short description why.

1. Thrifty Israel / Albar.

Albar – An Israeli Car and lease company Franchises the name of Thrifty in Israel.
Thrifty Car Rental Israel, wins our “Best car Rental Company In Israel” Award for a number of reasons.
They have very good rates.
Their cars are consistently new across their fleet.
The cars are generally fully loaded – not just the latest model – but all the convenience, comfort and techie options included.
They have decent customer service.
Issue resolutionat Thrifty is second to none thanks to FlightBlitz’s excellent relationship and top of the line contacts there.
Upgrades are somewhat common.

2. Avis Rent a Car

Avis Israel is no doubt the premium car rental company.
They have a lot of really nice cars, and the Airport Return experience is far superior to the other companies.
No shuttle is required – you are able to return the Car right to terminal 3 – conveniently a few steps away from the check-in desks.
Their cars are new, and often fully loaded.
They have an excellent selection of premium cars.
They are very reliable, and many Corporate Companies have contracts with Avis.
Avis in Israel is pricey, but you get good customer service.
Thanks to our excellent contacts – Avis too has excellent issue resolution and rates when you book through us.

3. Budget Rent a Car

Budget Israel is as it sounds – The budget option.
For the budget traveler it is truly one of the Best Car Rental Companies in Israel.
Sometimes you just need to get from point A to points B as cheap as possible – 4 wheels, and an air conditioner.
If that’s you – and you’re not looking for the newest car – this would be a great option.
Technically the savings at budget compared to Thrifty are very marginal, but over longer periods of time – that difference can add up.
Budget is no frills, you get what you pay for – and customer service will be quite limited.
If an issue arises, the resolution will not be very easy to come forth.
Otherwise – it’s often (not always) the cheapest option – if only by a few dollars.

4. Hertz Car Rental

Hertz Israel is a very good option and is definitely still one of the Best Car Rental Companies in Israel.
It’s the standard and other Israeli car rentals often base their offering on Hertz Israel.
Thrifty prices a little lower, Avis a little higher – budget a little lower generally than Thrifty.
As a Hertz Presidents Circle Member – I used to rent with Hertz Israel exclusively – but with no upgrades guaranteed, no waiting car, no benefits for my loyalty.
Hertz Israel though they really are fine – lost my loyalty.
I tried, Thrifty – enjoyed their effort – they are a passionate car rental company – working hard to gain their customers loyalty by giving repeat customers, upgrades and periodical discounts.
As well – hertz is too big to handle issues quickly – everything takes time.
While we can get things solved – eventually – renting with hertz has been underwhelming – if only because their own standards around the world are so much higher.

Others worth noting are:

SixtSixt Israel has a nice collection of premium cars (Mercedes, BMW’s, Audi’s) so when others don’t have Shlomo Sixt often will.
EldanEldan Israel is decent, they are partnered with Enterprise.
Other – There are a handful of other local car rental companies starting to appear on the scene, some are performing well others not so much.
As new players emerge as bigger ones with reliable and consistent service we will update them here.
With other companies being international Franchises they are generally more English friendly than the local Israeli branches – none of which are part of the Best Car Rental Companies in Israel.

After choosing your preferred car rental company in Israel – Make sure to read up on the Insurance.
Our post comes up as the number 1 on google when you search “Car Rental Insurance in Israel
It’s well worth the read – so you know what insurance you need and will have when you rent a car in Israel.
It could save you money – and ensure you don’t get up-sold when you get to the rental car counter.

With your Reservation in hand – Make sure to read our post on where to pick up and drop off your rental car in Israel.
Our tips and tricks and everything you’ll need to know to have a hassle free rental car experience in Israel.

2 thoughts on “The Best Car Rental Companies in Israel – The Secret To A Better Rental Experience

  1. To all future foreign renters that come to israel to rent.
    Be prepared to have a complete different price when u arrive to the airport to rent your car…for example…i booked online a car for 145$ and i ended up paying 480$…why u ask…because they know they can screw u at the desk. its very simple but the truth…i rent cars for 10 years,not once in a while but monthly and all over the world ,its a disgrace how they grab u as u are at the counter and have no other choice but to pay it as u want to move and get to your destination. Somehow insurance is not included even when i paid online or even using a American credit card ( American credit cards normally have insurance already, if u use American express u need a letter from them that they cover u (what BS)). And when u do take already insurance at the desk ,u not even covered for the whole car and u paying double and like me…triple what the rent it self costs. Its all companies in israel and it saddens me that it is this way…just a warning what u getting your self in too.
    Thank you for reading.

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